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There are a few great movements and organizations currently working hard to stop this madness. Such as Rob Stewart's SharkWater project (if you haven't seen his film, we highly recommend it.) You can learn more and join or donate to their efforts by clicking any of the links below.

Fox Shark Research Foundation
Pelagic Shark Research Foundation
Shark Foundation
Sea Shepheard
Shark Research Institute

The senseless act of hauling live sharks out of the ocean, chopping off their fins and tossing their helpless bodies overboard to die isn't pretty. But beyond being inhumane, shark finning is also arguably the most overlooked threat to our planet's sustainability. And if we don't work to stop it now, we are literally doomed. Why? The earth receives over 50% of its oxygen supply from ocean phytoplankton photosynthesis. As shark populations decrease, there is less and less control on the fish populations that feed on phytoplankton. So when you consider that shark finning is currently robbing our oceans of three sharks every second, you can begin to get the picture. It's totally out of hand. And though finning is illegal in a few places such as offshore U.S.A., it's nearly impossible to enforce. So why hasn't there been more uproar over this brewing catastrophe? Well, first, our oceans are "out of sight, out of mind." Second, thanks to public misperception, society-of-fear media and hollywood demonzing, sharks are perceived as nothing more than monsters and man-eaters. So good riddance, right? Wrong. Because if we don't stop shark finning now, we're done for.

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